Hey, Brandon writing this.

Since you're reading this you're either wanting a refund or are looking to see if I actually honor my refund policy for the Dropshipping Blueprint program that I am selling for $17.

To get straight to the point, yes I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, even for the upsells.

You can email me at and I will personally refund you without any questions asked. I will respond with a confirmation that your refund has been processed.

If you email me over the weekends, please wait until Monday for me to respond.

If you may, I would love that you include some information on what I could improve on and also what stood out for you to purchase in the first place.

This would really help me improve the product for others and I hope to earn your business back.

You can click here to return to the Dropshipping Blueprint page.

As for my highest-level program which we charge thousands of dollars for. We only offer a money-back guarantee (minus payment processing fees and agent commission) if within 14-days of purchasing you do not complete 20% of the program, which is tracked by Skool.

We also always try our best to help customers succeed, as we really focus on the fundamentals and core principles behind what drive business success.

These terms are explicitly stated on our calls and will be verbally agreed upon and agreed at the checkout, invoice and/or contract.

- Brandon